Dick Heinegård Award

We are pleased to inform you that we are organizing the Dick Heinegård MBE Young Investigator Award during the next MBE2020 conference in Florence (Italy).

Each affiliated European Matrix Biology Society will hold its own competition to select a nominee for the Award. Names and details of the nominee should be notified by each Society to the Conference Organizer (Prof. Alberto Passi and Davide Vigetti) by March 15th 2020.

Applicants working in European Countries that do not have an affiliated MBE Society can apply directly to the Conference Organizer.

All the candidates will present orally the abstract during the conference. The Organizers will select an independent Award Committee which will then select the winner of The Dick Heinegård MBE Young Investigator Award based on the overall quality of the science and the oral presentation.

Each society must be prepared to support the attendance of its own candidate at MBE2020. MBE2020 will NOT provide travel/registration grant.

Best regards

Alberto Passi and Davide Vigetti



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